Combination classes blend cardiovascular exercise with strength training and matwork to give you the ultimate well-rounded workout. Each segment of the class challenges you with a different exercise discipline, which is cross-training at its best. You'll get your heart pumping, burn calories, strengthen core muscles, and stretch your body (and mind) to its limits. All in one class!

A typical 20/20/20 class includes:

  • 20 minutes of cardio (step aerobics)
  • 20 minutes of yoga (vinyasas and balancing poses)
  • 20 minutes of pilates (floor exercises focused on abdominals/core muscles, stretching)

What can I expect from class?

20/20/20 is a blend of cardio, strengthening and stretching exercises that will raise your heart-rate, increase your flexibility, tone your core muscles and improve your mind/body awareness. The class begins with step aerobics, progresses to yoga, and concludes with Pilates matwork (sometimes incorporating physioballs or resistance bands). This refreshing variation is sure to invigorate you! 

Is this class for me?

Because the classes are divided into different segments, they offer a little bit of everything for men and women of all ages. The cardio portions of class tend to be intermediate-level, but beginners are encouraged to work at their own pace and build their stamina over time. Studies show that cross-training is the key to long-term health and physical fitness.

If you've hit a plateau or find yourself bored with your current workout, a 20/20/20 class is the best way to shake-up your routine. Or if you typically have a short attention span for exercise, you'll love the variety these classes offer - and the time flies by!

If you've wanted to try yoga but a 75-minute class intimidates you, take a 20/20/20 class and see how you like it. Push your body and mind outside of your comfort zone!

What you'll need:

Be prepared for everything! Wear cross-training/aerobic sneakers, and bring your mat for floor exercises. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water to refresh yourself - you'll need it!