"Katie's yoga class has exceeded my expectations. It has made me stronger and more flexible that I have ever been! It's a great feeling to be able to see muscle definition in my arms and legs, touch my toes, and I can't believe at 41-years-old I can do a backbend and handstand! When I started back to work after having two children I had a lot of neck and upper back pain. Katie taught me a lot of good stretching exercises to help and finally diminish the pain."

- Debbie Johnston, attends Power Yoga and Pilates classes

"Your Bootcamp is my ticket to skiing this year. I have not skied in 2 years because of my knees, and my legs were in terrible shape. My goal has been to get my legs in shape to take some pressure off my knees so I can ski. The good news is that my legs feel stronger and I am ready for the slopes!"

- Patty Gates

"It is possible to just quietly slip into Kate's sessions for an exceptionally good workout, but I must warn you - if you really stick with it for a couple months, Kate's PowerHouse can sneak up on you and become a transforming experience. Not only do I feel stronger, I actually feel like I did when I was 20 years younger - my chronic backaches are gone, I'm more limber (I can touch my toes again), my posture has improved, my desire to eat junk food is gone, and my hair is growing back. Ok, I made that last part up. But Kate has definitely taken my fitness to a new level of intensity and commitment, and I feel so physically well when I get out of bed in the morning, I can't help but start the day feeling emotionally bolstered by my newfound physical strength. And for all you guys who think yoga is a women's activity, Kate manages to make each class perfect for beginners to highly fit individuals, and I defy anyone to say they didn't get a great workout!"

- Steve Schuster, attends Kate's Pilates and Power Yoga classes

"I've been exercising with Katie for 3 years. I never did any group exercising before I joined her class, and quite honestly I was initially intimidated with the thought of group exercise. It had been years since I had a structured workout and I was a bit concerned that I would not be able to keep up. Katie emphasizes that your workout should focus on your specific needs. She makes you feel comfortable and she encourages you to work at your own pace, regularly suggesting modifications that allow you to meet your specific goals."

- Terri Bennett, attends Kate's Power Yoga class

"I'm a runner, and Kate's power yoga class is an excellent complement to the pavement-pounding, muscle-jarring workout you get from running. Her class focuses on stretching, toning and strengthening your whole body, and it does wonders for my hamstrings after a run! The fast pace of power yoga and the emphasis on breathing have helped build my endurance, and I'm running longer and stronger as a result. If you're a marathoner or just like to jog around the park, you should definitely add yoga or pilates to your routine."

- Candice Perodeau, attends Power Yoga classes whenever possible

"I've tried books and exercise tapes at home, but rarely have the motivation to stick with anything for more than a few weeks. Once I get comfortable with a workout, I find the redundancy of the routines a bit boring. With Kate's Power Yoga, every class is different. She is constantly adding new poses and exercises to challenge even her long-time students. And she mixes up the music in keeping with the different exercises to help boost the energy level of the class or to slow things down a bit. The variety definitely keeps me interested and coming back for more."

- Jessie Glockner

"I started at Kate's Powerhouse about 6 weeks ago and the changes have been dramatic. I was welcomed, encouraged and challenged from the beginning. Not only am I now able to do much more in each class, but the shape of my body has changed. I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy. Kate offers great variety and people at all levels can feel comfortable in any of her classes. Kate has a way of making her classes feel very personal. it is obvious she cares about each 'client' as an individual. This made all the difference for me." "I would highly recommend Kate's Powerhouse to anyone who wants a fun, welcoming environment in which to get stronger and healthier and be challenged to reach new levels of fitness."

- Jenny Desmond