Interval Training

Interval training combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and strength training in one session. This method has been widely used since the 50's for training competitive athletes, and today, anyone looking for a well-rounded exercise program will benefit from internal training. It provides a healthy aerobic workout - more than a typical yoga or pilates class - and increases muscle tone and stamina. Interval training can also help you avoid injuries that often accompany non-stop, repetitive activities.

What can I expect from class?

Short bursts of cardio activity alternate with strength training exercises in this interval class. It is this steady challenge and variation that shapes muscles and achieves the look you want. Immediate effects will be an energized feeling both mentally and physically as your body reacts to the exercise, producing seratonin, endorphins and adrenaline - all natural chemicals in your body designed to fight depression and build strength. Longer term, you will see weight loss and an increase in cardio capabilities to help you build strength and endurance.

Class format/duration:

One-hour class with alternating aerobic activity and strength training using a variety of body bars, free weights, physioballs, and a step.

Is this class for me?

If you have participated in cardio or strength classes in the past, then this class is definitely for you. If you are new to cardio/aerobics, then you are encouraged to take it slow and work at your own pace. The class is taught at a level to encourage the experienced as well as the novice participant to challenge him/herself physically. With continued attendance, you'll be on your way to a fitness level even better than you had expected!

What you'll need:

Water, comfortable clothing, cross-training/aerobic sneakers and a healthy attitude!