Drill sargent

The Bootcamp is a unique training program for those who want to raise their physical fitness through a concentrated series of workouts.

"Kate's Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to get back into working out. It was hard, fun and intense. I felt the difference in many ways." — Janet

What can I expect from class?

Each Bootcamp class is 60-minutes of fat-blasting cardio and intense full-body strength training. It will challenge your body (and mind!) while working all muscle groups. Key to  sweat-producing, muscle-building power of the bootcamp is its intense pace.

The workout also includes many exercises from Kate's Power Yoga, PowerCore Pilates, Interval Training, 20/20/20 and Zumba classes.

Is this class for me?

If you're looking for the kind of physical challenge than can make a difference, you bet it is! Even beginners will reap benefits. The results will surprise you.

Expect to burn up to 1,000 calories per class, so you’ll lose pounds and inches in just one week!

Measuring your waist

What you'll need:

Just bring a mat (or purchase one from Kate), and a bottle of water to refresh yourself. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to sweat! A hand towel may be beneficial!