About Kate

Why do I teach?

As a chubby teenager, I joined a fitness salon to lose weight and gain self-confidence. It was then that I realized I wanted to help others who were overweight and stressed out. It gave me a passion for providing a service that helps people feel good about themselves.

Exercise, like all things in life, requires determination and commitment. It begins with a desire to be healthy, lose weight and feel better about yourself. Once hooked, it becomes a lifestyle. You look better, you feel better. Friends and family notice the results. My role as an instructor is to teach, motivate, entertain and push you so you will push yourself to exceed your pre-conditioned expectations. Get out of your comfort zone and start living!

What you'll get out of my classes

My classes will help you achieve results. You'll gain flexibility, build bone density and improve your strength and posture. Your mental and physical confidence will grow. As you attain your individual goals, my classes will challenge you to reach higher, to take your fitness level even further than you believed possible. With continued commitment, you'll find yourself feeling mentally healthy and physically fit.

Certifications and Training

Certified Yoga Instructor, National Yoga Alliance 2002
Certified Pilates Instructor, Health in Motion 2003
Certified Aerobics Instructor, Aerobics Fitness Association of America 1985
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise 1989-2003
Current BLS certification


1999-present:  Instructor/Owner, Kate's Powerhouse
1981-1999:  Fitness Instructor, Orchard Hills Athletic Center
1990-1995:  Personal Trainer, Individual clients